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Community Work

Our work is not just in buildings – often we are asked to assist communities with their Master planning proposals – or simply managing and organising spaces and people. We have many years’ experience of this and as a result, we have skills to offer community developments - from regeneration projects to community gardens and allotments, and historical regeneration.

The purpose of architecture is more than simply to provide a roof over our heads. Architecture provides us with a refuge, a home, a workplace; spaces which we can truly inhabit and belong to. This is particularly true when it comes to community proposals, which have an added purpose of bringing larger groups of people together in shared spaces where they can feel safe, relaxed and happy.

Bell Architects has consulted on sustainable community development in various communities – throughout Northern Ireland, Spain and Africa. We believe that good architecture builds stronger communities and we are committed to creating structures that will have positive social impact and leave a lasting legacy.

Bulembu, Africa
Cornfield Project, Coleraine
Kilcranny House
Lilongwe Malawi
Sacromonte Abbey, Granada

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