Residential Housing
Moneymore Road, Magherafelt

After designing and building Northern Ireland’s first zero-carbon Green House, we were keen to continue creating houses that delivered more for our clients in terms of design and sustainability. When we came to this housing development on the Moneymore Road, Magherafelt, we therefore adopted a fresh and modern approach for the resulting 14 properties.

Taking great care over our designs, we incorporated features which ensured the most pleasant and environmentally-friendly living experience. This included floor-length windows to ensure airy, well-lit rooms, as well as functional footprints for each dwelling.

As a result, we managed to sell every single home off-plan in the middle of the recession. We’d broken through what might be called a glass ceiling in local suburban architecture and once through to the other side, found that developers were suddenly much more interested in this new type of architecture…

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